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"Really clever strategy game entrenched in a surprising political battleground."


"I wish we'd made something that cool."


"Elegant and deep...the game is gorgeous."


Who is this for ?

SHASN is an epic game of politics, ethics, and strategy.

2-5 players take on the role of politicians competing in a national election. As they build their political personas, players must answer tough policy questions, manage resources, influence voters, and outmaneuver each other to secure power.

Reviewers have hailed SHASN as “the best thing to come out of American politics in a very long time” (Stephen Gulik, Everything Board Games), “A really clever strategy game entrenched in a surprising political battleground” (Elan Lee, Exploding Kittens) and “irreverent, relevant, and deeply humorous” (Dan Thurot, Space Biff).

SHASN has won the highly prestigious Social Impact Award at IndieCade Europe 2019, widely regarded as the Sundance of the gaming industry. It has always received several other community awards in recognition of its fun, innovative gameplay.

awards of shasn the boardgame. Crowdfunded. Influence voters.

What's in the Box

sample cards from the shasn boardgame. gerrymander your way to political power.
sample voter tokens or coins from the shasn boardgame. Ideologue type, Capitalist, Supremo, Showstopper, Idealist.
sample voter cards from the shasn boardgame. Play as a politician.
sample conspiracy and headline cards from the shasn boardgame. Form Majorities.
Additional game modes of shasn the boardgame. Political strategy board game.


What is SHASN? +
SHASN is an engaging board game that combines politics, ethics, and strategy. Players take on the roles of politicians competing in a national election, making tough policy decisions, influencing voters, and outmaneuvering opponents to secure political power.
How many players can play SHASN? +
SHASN is designed for 2- 5 players, allowing for a dynamic and interactive gameplay experience.
Is SHASN suitable for all age groups? +
Shasn is recommended for players aged 14 & above due to its strategic nature and political themes. You can easily convert Shasn into a PG-13 game for family nights by putting aside any cards with the big, red exclamation mark on them.
How long does a typical game of SHASN last? +
The duration of a game can vary based on the number of players and their familiarity with the rules. On average, a game of SHASN can take approximately 2-4 hours.
Is SHASN suitable for large groups or parties? +
SHASN is ideal for small to medium-sized groups. While it can be played in a party setting, it's most enjoyable when players can actively participate in discussions and strategic gameplay.
How can I get a copy of Shasn? +
You can purchase Shasn through our official website or authorized retailers. Check our website for information on availability and delivery options.
Do you offer international shipping? +
While SHASN is played in over 70 countries worldwide, we are currently not offering international shipping. However, stay updated on our website or social media channels for announcements about new shipping policies and announcements
Can I organize Shasn tournaments or events? +
Absolutely! Shasn is a great game for tournaments and events. Feel free to contact our team at for information on organizing tournaments, bulk purchases, and any support you may need
What is the estimated delivery time for Shasn? +
The estimated delivery time for Shasn varies based on your location. Typically, it takes around 2-7 business days for deliveries within India.
What is the Free 2 player dual mode ? +
The 1 v 1 Dual mode consists of a 2 player game board which is on the back of the main game board and Zone requirement cards which you will find inside the box.
It is priced at INR 1500 but for a limited time offer, this version is available for the game for free.
Can I return the game if I don’t like it ? +
We follow a strict no-return policy. Once the package has been delivered it cannot be returned. In case the product has been damaged or there are missing items when it reaches you, please reach out to and we shall send replacements for the same.
How do I start the game ? +
Each player selects a color, and takes a player mat & voter pegs corresponding to that color. All players vote to determine player number 1. Players cannot vote for themselves. In case of a tie, vote again. Players take turns clockwise. Player 1 takes any 1 resource of their choice, player 2 takes any 2 resources, player 3 takes any 3 resources and so on. These need to be kept on their player mats to begin the game.
How can I track my order's delivery status? +
Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email and whatsapp. You can use this tracking number on the link provided in the same message to monitor the real-time status of your delivery.

"Simultaneously laugh-out-loud funny and disquieting."


"The game reels you in from the can't help but get excited about your next turn."


"It's a great game for people who like Twilight Struggle."


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