Cutting Through the Clutter

We were born into an age after two devastating world wars. Having survived the the most brutal of atrocities, witnessed irreparable damage to the climate, and the escalation of nuclear arsenals, our world stands poised - like never before - to progress past the barriers that have long held human potential in check, or, in the blink of an eye and the press of a button, to perish in an instant.

Now more than ever,being politically discerning is critical to everyday life, but the added responsibility and baggage it carries is enough to deter most voters. Worse yet: there are very few avenues that are changing this; political science curriculums are unapproachable and boring, online discourse has deteriorated, and TV debates make even the invested disengage.

This is why we made SHASN. By condensing the tenets of politics into the clear game mechanics of area control, over-the-table diplomacy, adaptability to crises, SHASN makes world politics accessible and relevant.

Apathy is where wonderful potential goes to die. That’s not acceptable. Let’s engage, one board game at a time.

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