Personality Management

We’ve spent a lot of time fine-tuning the mechanics and pay-offs in SHASN, calibrating closer and closer towards an extremely tight and evenly balanced game. This means no one strategy obviously trumps another, and very often - decision making comes down to who you want to ally with, and who you want to destroy. In this zero-sum game, there are far more complex strategies: balancing how vocal you want to be, choosing how to rally support inconspicuously and how to collaborate without letting allies get ahead of you.

Put simply, the strategy of colluding and competing, wooing and winning - of personality management.

Now, by design, a number of elements in SHASN invite collaboration and incite antagonism. For example, all of the Ideologues have different powers - all of which are evenly balanced. One of them - when a player has four Supremo cards, allows the player to steal two resources. This will, by design, antagonize whomever resources are stolen from. Conversely, if a player has four Showman cards, the player gets a free vote with every Vote Bank card - advantageous for the player, and seemingly, not directly disadvantageous for opponents.

Winning the game is impossible without nimbly earning others’ trust, and escaping their retribution. Are you high-strategy enough? Welcome to SHASN, guys!

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