The Capitalist

Our first ideologue was the Capitalist. Think Mitt Romney, think Donald Trump, think the Rockefellers - and it’s easy to identify the prominence of business folk, landed gentry, and heirs to financial empires in the global political spectrum.

The Capitalist represent economic expertise, a keen mastery of market forces, and a relentlessly progressive inclination towards innovation. The Capitalist aggressively pursues expansion, believing collateral damage to be temporary.

In SHASN, as you embody The Capitalist, you earn a salient resource called ‘Funds’. Intuitively colored green, and designed like a diamond - coveted, imperishable, and representative of the capitalist belief in transformation through human ingenuity.

The Capitalist also has special powers:
i) Open Market - trade 1 resource for any 2 resources, once per turn.
ii) Land Grab - evict two voters from any territory, once per turn.

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