The Showman

The Showman was our second ideologue - and the 2016 US Presidential election showed us that this archetype can turn any election on its head. Outrageous statements. Viral social media slogans. Propaganda and fake news. In today’s day and age, with the omnipresence of the media, the Showman is a jester with near-divine power.

In SHASN, the resource of choice for the Showman is ‘Media’. Colored cool blue, and designed with the logo of a geometric eye. The Showman is seen everywhere. In his world, eyeballs are real estate.

The Showman comes with the following powers:
i) Echo Chamber - one free vote for every Vote Bank card purchased, once per turn.
ii) Targeted Marketing - spend 2 Media resources + 3 resources of any combo to convert two of any opponent’s voter pegs into your own, once per turn.

The Showman builds his election rally by coming up with campaign slogans and campaign speeches. Share your slogans and speeches with #SHASN and tag our Instagram handle @ShasnTheGame

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