Just like real life, we are now bringing Coalition politics to SHASN!

To form coalitions in a game of 3-5 players, follow these rules:

  • Two players can jointly form the majority in a zone and control it together by forming a coalition. The total of their combined voters must meet the majority requirement of that zone. They can split the majority voters in any ratio, open to negotiation.
  • When a coalition is formed, the two players must exchange an Ideology Card with each other. This card must belong to the ideology that they hold the most cards of. This represents the ideological cost of compromise.  
  • The gerrymandering rights of a zone belong only to the player with the most voters in that zone. Both coalition members do NOT get one gerrymander each.
  • Players can form coalitions with different players in different zones. Ideology Cards must be exchanged for every new coalition that is formed. 
  • A coalition can break if one of the two players declares withdrawal. You can declare withdrawal from a coalition at any point during your turn only.
  • If a coalition breaks, the Ideology Cards that were exchanged will not be returned to the players. New coalitions can be formed in a zone after an old one breaks. 
  • During scoring, players get points for each majority voter that they have in a coalition. For example, if two players have a 4:2 coalition in a 6/11 zone, they get 4 and 2 points respectively.

Click here for a printable copy of the rules.